Little Bit About Me.

Shannon Lund behind the lens.

1.) My Crew

This crazy crew is everything, sometimes they drive me crazy but they are the reason I wake everyday (“literally….Mommmm I’m hungry”).

2: I played Photographer in my youth.

When I was younger my sister and I played ‘Model/Photographer’, I was obviously the Model ( Bahaha  j/k).  She stood in front of my armoire with a sheet draped over it and a fan for fancy hair ya know.  She wore her swim team suit and a bunch of awards because –we keep it real!

3. Year Book Editor

I was the Photo editor for the High school year book.  It’s funny how what seemed like such a complicated process at the time is actually such a simple and brilliant way to learn photography!  Digital is great, but film forces you to slow down, take your time and remember/write down your settings!  (That’s me being pushed around in a garbage can in my Volleyball uniform)

4. Animal Lover

If I had my wish we would live on a farm with tons of dogs, cats, chickens, horses and goats!!  This is our newest fur babe Dublin who is a 4mo. old rescue Chihuahua terrier mix (tho growing very fast leading me to think very little Chihuahua in him)..  Shaymus O’Doodle is our 5year old Irish setter/Poodle mix (seen above in #1).

5. Music Fuels Me

We recently purchased a record player and have had fun going to antique shops on date nights to find old gems.  The collection is small but shows our style well.

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